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The Unshakeable Woman



About Me

Cheryl is a Music Manager, and also serves as a Music Brand Strategist for Howard Hewett and new projects for Damion Hall.  Past clients include: Co-Management for Kenny Lattimore, with the "Vulnerable" project to radio, featuring the hit single, "Stay on Your Mind".

Special projects with: Loose Ends featuring Jane Eugene, Tony Terry and Shanice.  Her passion for the music business expands outside of the traditional “music label” and “radio network” walls.

Prior to her leap into the music business, she led the development of large scale projects as a Project Manager for both the Los Angeles Times and an international firm.  She has over 25 years of experience in the development of media-based teams. Cheryl holds a B.A. in Organizational Management and has led a number of executive, education, and non-profit board of directors in the Santa Clarita Valley market for over a decade.


Currently on a journey to help women heal through sisterhood, with the new podcast, @Unshakeablewoman.

Founding "Unshakeable Healthy" Vending and "Unshakeable Sisters" Nationwide

She authored "The Hollywood Preacher" 2015 and prepping for the release of

"The Unshakeable Woman", (2021).

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