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TODAY, Monday, February 10, on The UnshakeableWoman Podcast:

Madison Chase:


-ESPN 3-time Miss Fitness Champion

-Heart & Soul, Oxygen Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazines

-National Adidas commercial with Olympic Gold medalist, Maurice Green

Fitness trainer to NFL/NBA Athletes and A-List Celebrities

Madison’s health, wellness and fitness can be spotted in more than 450 fitness videos and infomercials from some of the leading fitness experts today like Gunnar Peterson’s (Trainer to the Kardashian Family) Core Secrets.

Follow her Podcast “Cut2TheChase@8”


DVD: Give Me 15

Let’s fight #heartdisease #stroke #highbloodpressure #diabetes #obesity in our communities.

#tellyourstory by contacting cheryl@cherylstabler

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Black History is about capturing oral and/or written stories of my family and friends. I am blessed to have many stories from both my grandmother and mother. I am also blessed to have spent my formative years around powerful, encouraging, positive and motivating women, who lifted our sprits and always spoke light into our souls.

I believe that I speak for a number of my cousins, who couldn't wait to visit each family reunion, for the showering of 'goodness' on our souls, by our parents first cousins. The kind of goodness that made you feel like a conqueror, in a world that often reminded us that we were less than, because of the color of our skin. What a blessing to have both a mother and her cousins... who spoke LIFE, as we just knew... this was our family. Looking back, we understand the blessings poured into our evolving souls.

This month, the UnshakeableWoman Podcast, celebrates Black History Month, profiling some amazing women. All who have impacted their communities and culture.

Today's Unshakeable Woman features Smiler Haynes. She is family and my mother's first cousin.

Smiler is currently a Bostonian representing the "Age Strong Commission", in Boston, Massachusetts. The platform represents strength of community, of cultures and of experiences. Each person profiled represents strength to embrace new chapters and opportunities. The City believes that Bostonians who are 55+ make their City strong and vibrant.

My favorite story that Smiler shares with our family is sharing with each and everyone one of us, that we are "One in a Million". As I catalog my BLACK HISTORY, Smiler has sent a quote, of her encouraging story shared with us all, over the years:


"The law of nature says that when a woman conceives a child, there are a billions of tiny sperms, racing to get to her womb.

When that happens... when THAT sperm reaches the womb, the rest of the billions of them die. THAT one that enters the womb was you. You are one in a million. Because you were the smartest, you were the fastest, you were the strongest. You made it! You have won a race, before you were born.

You were made to succeed.

You are special.

You are important.

You are strong and you must do your best!"

Today we celebrate UnshakeableWoman Smiler Haynes.

Age 86, Mother, Model, Actress, Community Advocate and lover of family.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 021 - Smiler Haynes Age 86

Visit the #AgeStrong campaign:

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