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Fitness and Wellness in the African American Community

TODAY, Monday, February 10, on The UnshakeableWoman Podcast:

Madison Chase:




-ESPN 3-time Miss Fitness Champion

-Heart & Soul, Oxygen Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazines

-National Adidas commercial with Olympic Gold medalist, Maurice Green

Fitness trainer to NFL/NBA Athletes and A-List Celebrities

Madison’s health, wellness and fitness can be spotted in more than 450 fitness videos and infomercials from some of the leading fitness experts today like Gunnar Peterson’s (Trainer to the Kardashian Family) Core Secrets.

Follow her Podcast “Cut2TheChase@8”


DVD: Give Me 15

#Fitness #Nutrition #Health #Wellness #Trainer

Let’s fight #heartdisease #stroke #highbloodpressure #diabetes #obesity in our communities.


#tellyourstory by contacting cheryl@cherylstabler

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